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Animal Control

The Animal Control Division is responsible for the enforcement of local regulations and state law concerning animals in Burnet County.

Animal Control’s primary duty is to protect the health and safety of the community by investigating reports of exposure to high-risk rabies species (bats, foxes, skunks, raccoons, and coyotes) as well as situations where a dog or cat has bitten or scratched a human. Other responsibilities of Animal Control include responding to citizen complaints, conducting investigations, gathering information, educating the public, and, if needed, issuing citations for violations of local ordinances and state law. Domestic animals impounded by Animal Control are transported to the Hill Country Humane Society facility until they are reclaimed by their owner or put up for adoption.

The Sheriff’s Office is responsible for dealing with loose livestock in the county. Deputies work to get the animal off the roadway and secured behind fences. Once that is done, Animal Control will investigate where the animal came from so they can return the animal to the proper owner and issue citations, if warranted. Once in a while, there is loose livestock that remains unclaimed. In these cases the livestock are housed and prepared for auction. Notices of Estray animals are posted here on this website and at the main County Courthouse, as required by law, prior to sending livestock to auction. Please register your livestock with us to assist our deputies in returning loose livestock to their proper owners.

Animal Control investigates reports of animal cruelty involving both domesticated and livestock animals. Cattle theft is still a modern day problem in Texas. Animal Control will investigate and prepare cattle theft cases for prosecution. Animal Control reports to the Support Services/Administration Captain.