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BCSO Deputies and DPS Trooper Receive Lifesaving Award

On 3/15/2019, Burnet County Sheriff’s Office Deputies Eric Molina and Leon Ingersoll along with DPS Trooper Daniel Ruiz received the Burnet County Sheriff’s Office Lifesaving Award for their actions on December 29, 2018 at the scene of a major traffic collision.

Front Row: Deputy Eric Molina, Deputy Leon Ingersoll, Trooper Daniel Ruiz
Back Row: Sheriff Calvin Boyd, Patrol Captain Steve Clark, Chief Deputy Mike Cummings

Deputies Molina, Ingersoll, and Trooper Ruiz responded to a major two vehicle collision on 12/29/2018 south of Marble Falls on US 281. One vehicle caught fire and the driver was pinned in the wreck. These officers utilized at least 8 fire extinguishers and broke out windows to help the trapped driver. Deputy Ingersoll used his patrol unit to push the burning car away from the other vehicle so that rescuers could get to the driver’s door to help the trapped driver.

Their actions were pivotal in buying time for fire and EMS to arrive and take over rescuing the driver, who was stabilized and air lifted to a trauma center. Without their heroic actions, the driver would have certainly perished that day in the burning vehicle. Molina, Ingersoll, and Ruiz were treated at the scene by EMS and at the emergency room for smoke inhalation. All three returned to duty later that day.