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Mission Statement
As the first link in the chain of Public Safety, we are proud to serve Burnet County with dignity, respect and compassion. We are committed to excellence and making a positive impact in our community by providing courteous, reliable service to ensure responder safety, while assisting those in need. Burnet County Telecommunications Officers will adhere to the highest standard of training, integrity and morality in every action between us, our team and the citizens we serve.

A voice in the dark giving hope to those who need it.

Telecommunicators have a demanding and critical role in public safety. They receive and prioritize emergency and non-emergency calls for assistance from the public. This involves obtaining clear caller information, determining jurisdiction, and prioritizing and dispatching appropriate first responders (police, fire, EMS) based upon the type of call. They operate and monitor multiple radio channels, relay information to responders in the field, and document information in call records and radio logs. They also search multiple databases to determine if a person has a warrant or if property is stolen. The Communications Division is supervised by the Communications Supervisor who reports to the Support Services/Administration Captain.

If you are interested in a demanding and rewarding career as a Burnet County Telecommunications Officer, please contact us for more information.