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Criminal Investigations

The Criminal Investigations Division (CID) is under the command of a Captain, who reports to the Chief Deputy. The division manpower consists of 7 full time Detectives, an Evidence Custodian, and a Crime Victim Liaison. These investigators have combined experience exceeding 150 years, tens of thousands of hours of training, and they bring experience from over a dozen jurisdictions to the table. Between them, they have investigated virtually every type of crime.

CID has the primary responsibility for investigating criminal offenses that have occurred in Burnet County. Investigative work goes beyond establishing probable cause to arrest and often involves dozens or hundreds of man-hours to complete a single case. Throughout the prosecution of a case, Criminal Investigators often work closely with prosecutors to seek justice and protect victims and society.

CID personnel also assist other agencies with any investigation that involves people, places, evidence, or information that may be found in Burnet County. Over the years, these Detectives have assisted or worked jointly with agencies from all levels of government and from across the state and the United States.

Our Evidence Technician is responsible for the positive accountability of thousands of pieces of property and evidence that have been seized or found by Sheriff’s Deputies. Occasionally, abandoned or found property will be posted at the link below with instructions for making a claim of ownership.

The Victim Services Coordinator assists victims of crime with the variety of issues related to recovering from being a victim of crime, to preventing future harm. A link to more detail is located below.

Crime Victim Services

Sex Offender Information

Crime Stoppers

Criminal Investigations Contact Information