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More Scam Information

************ MORE SCAM INFORMATION ***************

The scammers are still at it. This time, they have some very convincing tactics.

They have identified themselves as BCSO deputies, they are even using the names of some of our actual deputies, AND they have spoofed our phone number.

The current scam revolves around jury duty. In Texas, you will not be subject to a fine for failing to answer a jury summons unless a judge assesses that fine at a hearing. In other words, the person who tells you that you owe money will be a JUDGE at an in-person hearing. It will NEVER be a deputy or other government official talking to you on the phone.

Further, the MAXIMUM fine is $1,000.00. Demands for payment above this are not only a scam, but a ridiculous one.

REMEMBER THIS DEAD GIVEAWAY that the call is a scam:

They use high-pressure tactics to convince you to pay them using a means of instant payment that is difficult or impossible to trace.


1) Governmental agencies and other public entities (like utility companies) will not harass you for immediate payment over the phone.

2) There is NO REASON for a legitimate government or business entity (even a debt collector) to demand that you use payment methods outside the normal banking and finance system. Any of the following are commonly used to transfer money as part of the scam because they are virtually instant, there are few (or no) consumer protections, and the money is difficult or impossible to trace.

a. Money transfer cards

b. Gift cards

c. BitCoin or other Cryptocurrency

d. Any combination of the above

3) NEVER CALL THEM BACK USING A NUMBER THEY PROVIDED OR THE NUMNER ON THE CALLER ID. Look up the entity they claim to be and call that entity with the number YOU found. If you can’t find a number, call your local law enforcement agency.