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Patrol Division

The Patrol Division of the Burnet County Sheriff’s Office is the largest and most visible division of the Sheriff’s Office. There are 4 uniformed patrol shifts, each working 12 hours. Each shift is staffed with 5 field deputies and 1 sergeant. The K9 deputy is also assigned to the patrol division. The division reports to the Patrol Captain.

The 1,021 square miles of Burnet County are divided into two patrol districts, north and south. Deputies work to provide positive law enforcement services to nearly 50,000 citizens in the jurisdiction. Deputies are tasked with calls for service throughout the shift, conducting high visibility patrols, traffic enforcement, motorist assists, crash investigations and a variety of other law enforcement services.

Deputies of the patrol division are highly trained and equipped with some of the latest technologies and tools in order to successfully service the community safely and efficiently.

Reserve Program
The Burnet County Sheriff’s Office Reserve Deputy Program consists of 4 non-paid reserve deputies commissioned by the Sheriff’s Office. The reserves assist with law enforcement needs in patrol, special functions, and serve as ambassadors of the agency. The reserve deputy program is supervised by the Patrol Division Captain.